Buy traditional Matcha accessories

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced matcha connoisseur - you will find the perfect complement to our fine Japanese matcha in our extensive range of matcha accessories. Four different products are usually used as accessories for the traditional preparation of Matcha tea:

The matcha powder is removed with the bamboo spoon as a measuring aid, a heaped bamboo spoon corresponds to approx. 1g. 2-3g of powder are usually used to prepare matcha. The powder is poured into the Matcha bowls and then poured over 80 degrees of hot water.

A bamboo whisk is then used to whip the matcha. This creates a fine foam, quasi the crema of the matcha, and the powder dissolves. Then the broom can dry on the broom holder. Due to the special shape of the broom holder, the bristles of the broom can dry off optimally and retain their shape.

Even if this traditional accessory is not a must to drink Matcha, it still contributes significantly to the Matcha feeling. The ceremonial preparation with the original utensils is not only stylish, it ensures relaxation and conscious enjoyment through the meditative effect.

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